Win a FREE FrSky Horus X12S on "Who Is The 5th"!



·Activity Information:FrSky’s latest radio control module, the Horus X12S, was just released in August, 2016. We’re excited to share this newest technology with all pilots! Because we deeply appreciate all the love and support shown to us by our many customers—pilots who have purchased our products and helps share what we have to offer.

Because of this, we have a surprise for everyone. We are choosing one lucky guy to get our Horus X12S for absolutely free! We invite you to join us picking that lucky winner—or you could enter the contest yourself!

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·Data:  Dec 8, 2016 – Jan 8, 2017  All over the world

·Official Organizer:  FrSky Electronic Ltd., Co

·Technical Sponsor:


How to join?

1.Submit your name, address, and talk about your RC experience.

2.Attach some photos or a video of you in action!

3.After verifying the details you provided, we will give you a sharable link you can use to promote yourself and get more votes.

4.FrSky will award the person who gets the most votes a free Horus X12S.

(PS: Only the qualified candidate will be chosen as a competitor, once you submit your information, you can’t modify your information any more, please be careful.)    

(Candidate Sign Up Link:

(Voter Sign Up Link: clear your browser cache if you can't register properly. Thanks!)


Donation and Charity:

1.As an added bonus, you can choose to donate in favor of your favorite entrant. All the money donated towards will go towards supporting the many projects of UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund ).

2.FrSky and HorusRC are one with that agency’s many initiatives to provide children the world over with clean water, milk, needed medicines, and so much more! It’s your chance to make a difference in a child’s life today.

3.All our efforts in this regard will be open to public scrutiny because we believe strongly in transparency. Have a cause close to your heart? Email us at and we can look over the suggestions.

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(PS: To those who donate, we will give you a bonus gift of same-value Points which you can then use to shop here at!)


(We will protect your privacy. For specifics on how we do that, click here: Privacy Policy. FrSky Electronic Ltd., Co reserves the right to modify or alter any of the conditions contained herein.)

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